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Is there someone you can point to--when you were just starting out--that invited you to take a risk and said, "Hey kid, let me show you how it's done."?

Then, did you take that risk?

Were you willing to try something new? Something that would force you to stretch and grow? Did you take that empty-handed leap into the void?

Author Mark Bennett did and he shares that leap with you in The Big Show.

Mark takes you along as his unlikely partnership with legendary television producer Fred de Cordova has them navigating the maze that is Hollywood on a quest to sell a series of Variety Concept Specials. From the then NBC Productions to ABC Entertainment, this newcomer opens closed doors and leads you on a backstage tour through the murky waters of the television industry. Mark gives readers first hand "How to's" from the legend, Fred de Cordova ("How to's" that apply to life outside the entertainment world as well).

Always mindful that in show business, most things fail, Fred de Cordova's insights into why some shows take the world by storm while others end up gathering dust is priceless. And Fred knows a little something about television shows, having directed and/or produced more than 500 shows including twenty-five years Executive Producing The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson (Fred won five Emmys for his work on the show).

Fred once said, "Mark Bennett speaking fondly about me? Tell him to stop." Luckily for all of us Mark did not stop it and you now have an opportunity to learn a little extra about Fred de Cordova and discover how a teacher and a student became soul mates.

Read a few pages from The Big Show for FREE

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Mark Bennett currently lives in Los Angeles with his wife and newly adopted cat who strangely came with the name, Freddie. This story is for all the mentors (in any industry) who selflessly share what they know and change the way we receivers think.

"The Big Show brings you an inside look at television history by putting a human touch on a time that shaped a few generations. Mark shows you what made Fred such a brilliant producer but an even better friend and mentor. He had a wit that was sharp as a knife and second to none and loyalty that was as strong as the Great Wall of China. You will experience a very personal look at an icon that only a select number of people were privileged enough to be able to call friend, my family and I were among that group and I will forever be grateful for that and to Mark for reminding me with this book."

~ Danny Robinson
Senior Vice President, Agency for the Performing Arts

"Mark Bennett has captured the charm, delicious irreverent humor and sweet side of Fred de Cordova as well as the insane frustrations and pressures of the television business. It is a loving tribute to a Hollywood icon."

~ Helen Sanders
Carson Company Executive

"I was there during all of this adventure and Mark Bennett unfurls the story in such a way that I can actually smell the wisps of Fred de Cordova's cigarette smoke while reading this account. It was truly a roller coaster ride with all the ins and outs of the ever changing entertainment industry.

In addition, I had the pleasure of working with and for Fred for over twenty years and through him learned the many ways one deals with difficult and challenging experiences in tactful ways. His charm and experience added to my respect for him over the years. Mark Bennett's story with Fred de Cordova at his side captures Fred's persona and wit in this book."

~ Don Sweeney
Supervising Music Producer

"Fred De Cordova was a class act in all aspects of his life. Meeting him was one of my most treasured moments in my show business career. Through him, I met an amazing multi-talented producer named Mark Bennett. To see the wonderful chemistry these two power-houses had together, was truly a wonderful experience. Fred mentoring and investing all of his wisdom and knowledge onto his protegee was the greatest compliment he could have given to Mark. To know that someone believes in you whole heartedly is truly a treasured gift."

~ Teresa Ledesma
ABC Creative Affairs Executive Assistant

Read a few pages from The Big Show for FREE